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  Why use us?

  • Because we buy large amounts of stock we can pass on unbeatable savings to our customers
  • Fast turn-around and delivery - all production carried out in-house
  • Same standard of care given to small and large orders
  • We offer a wide range of clothing including t-shirts, polo shirts and hoodies


Screen-printing is a stencil method of printing in which a design is placed on a fine mesh ‘screen’, blank areas are then coated with an impermeable substance before ink is forced through the mesh in the open areas onto the garment surface. Also known as silkscreen or serigraphy.


The image to be printed is first reproduced on a sheet of acetate using an ink-jet printer. This sheet is then placed over the mesh screen which has been coated with a photo-reactive emulsion and exposed with ultraviolet light. The UV light passes through the clear areas and creates a polymerisation (hardening) of the emulsion. The screen is then washed off and the areas of emulsion that were not exposed to light dissolve and wash away, leaving a negative stencil of the image on the mesh. The finished screen is then placed over the garment and a squeegee is used to force ink through the open areas of the mesh onto the desired area.

For every colour used in the design a separate screen has to be made up and different coloured inks passed through each one in turn.

When the design has been printed it is cured for a set time in a dryer so that the inks used will not fade or wash away.

What happens when you place an order?

The first step is for you to send us your artwork which is then passed to our art department for processing. They take a look at your instructions and come up with a composite proof for you so you can see what your design will look like on the garments you have chosen.

The proofs will show you the ink colours to be used on your order, the specific locations you have instructed us to print and the actual print size dimensions of your artwork.

At this point you can instruct the art department to make any changes you would like, for example different colours or dimensions. We will not print your job until you are 100% happy with your proof and you have approved it.

For embroidery work the same process as above is followed to approve your design and the number of stitches and colours calculated for the job.

Mens Round Neck Sizes Polo Shirts Sizes Ladies Sizes

Small 18”chest

Medium 20" chest

Large 21.5" chest

XL 23.5" chest

XXL 26" chest

Small 21"

Medium 22"

Large 23"

XL 24"

XXL 25"

XXXL 26"

XXXXL 27.5"

Xtra Small 18”

Small 19”

Medium 20”

Large 21”

XL 22”

XXL 23”

XXXL 24”

Garments may vary in size specification depending on the style and ease allowance. The above sizes are just a guide. For a more accurate guide please call us on 679 3304402, 679 3301896 or 679 3300573

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