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UNITEX GARMENTS has developed core competence in the field of supplying stylish and trendy rage of knitted, woven and hosiery garments. Our collection reflects designs from the remotest antiquity to the most elegant of contemporary statements. Our knitted garments are a blend of traditional and contemporary styles.

With the voluminous experience of this industry we have acknowledged the needs and wants of our customers. Globally we are serving them with quality.

UNITEX GARMENTS source our garments keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of our clients both in domestic as well as international territory. Our ensembles are noted for their quality workmanship.
We ensure that the fabric is of the finest quality and lot of emphasis is laid on the designs, color and strength of the fabric used.

UNITEX GARMENTS have made inroads in the international market and have etched a respectable place for our company by catering to the needs and wants of our clients in the overseas markets.


This is the unique service of faring the development of samples as per the buying plans of the user & the fashion trends hitting the day.

> Development.
> Style & fit.
> Size set.
> Pre production.
> Production.
> Shipment samples.


Apparel merchandising encompasses a variety of fields, such as design, marketing, product development, historical apparel, and fashion and costume construction. We have production follow up on day- to-day developments.


Inspection is carried out at three stages as initial, inline & final, the outcome of which is the quality we are of in all our commodities .


Includes testing phases of all parameters to bring about a quality product, we are known for, based on the long time usage of the product .


Elaborate documentation is provided on shipment follow-ups & all the commercial transactions we are indulged in.


The latest machinery and well trained manpower ensure that our customers get true value for their money. The transparent and professional management system and well delegated power structure enables swift decision making at all levels.

Our teams of professionals are highly motivated to carry out its job in perfect manner that leads to overall progress of the company.

Our logistics are as systematic and well planned as our other units. We have state of the art facilities in our packaging section. At the dock, our experienced technical experts help in clearing the goods quickly and efficiently. Our customs expert guides us through the complexity of customs department in the country.

We have experts to ensure that each of the cargos is handled properly. We make sure that the cargo reaches at the respective destination well within the right time.

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For more information please call us on 679 3304402, 679 3301896 or 679 3300573.

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